Get your market research survey in the field 30% faster, collect more responses, and have results sooner with Inc-Query

Inc-Query significantly improves the survey coding process


Shortest Time To Launch

Launch your survey immediately after authoring. With Inc-Query you won't have to waste time waiting on low-quality coders and then debugging their work.


Total Visibility and Control

Stay in control of your survey and eliminate unwelcome surprises. Inc-Query lets you easily track the state of your survey all the way through launch.


Expert Programmers

Easily outsource programming of your survey. With Inc-Query, you'll be able to smoothly communicate with our responsive and high-quality programmers.


Seamless Integration

We transparently integrate with any panel provider of your choosing. And continue sharing drafts with teammates and clients by exporting surveys to Word.

How Does It Work?

Inc-Query is a platform for creating market research surveys. Our authoring tool allows you and your dedicated programmer to simultaneously work on the survey—all the outsourced programming is done in parallel.

As you write your survey, simply note the logic and custom questions you need coded. We'll program as you continue to write, so your survey will be ready to launch as soon as you're done!

It's a great change to work with someone smart and responsive who codes the survey as we write it and who really gets the DD process. We were able to launch our survey right away with no quality issues.
Consultant Top 3 Consulting Firm
I've done over 100 due diligence surveys with every major vendor out there and had come to accept frustration and delays as part of the process. Inc-Query gives you so much more control and security over the coding and launch process.
Principal DD-focused consulting firm
Writing the survey in Inc-Query was actually easier than the typical process of writing and iterating in Microsoft Word. Inc-Query is worth it just for the efficiency gained in authoring.
Team leader Top 3 Consulting Firm

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